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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So what has been on my mind? Ideas for my future blog

Salaam and peace out there,

After what some may classify as a quite frantic urge to want to change my very own university student-subsistence through simple changes and small self-experiments in order to fulfill my inner desire to upgrade my daily life (in simpler words: my last blogpost), I have come to a few conclusions:

  1. I am overwhelmed at the amazing input I've gotten from you readers!
  2. I will not be making a new blog. Instead, in spirit of the whole idea, I will be upgrading this very blog, inshaAllah. My self-development plan will be more of a separate series running on this blog along with my usual topics.
  3. I will now be blogging a little bit more infrequently, but instead I'll be working more on giving you all top quality writing.
 I've got lots and lots of ideas for upgrades, self-experiments, DIY's and much more, and I hope to follow through with all of them! I've had so many goals I've wanted to achieve in life and things I've wanted to try to see if I'd like to continue, but I've never really pulled myself together to give all of those things a try, but now that's going to change!

To mention just a few of my (slightly random) ideas, in no specific order:
  • Experimenting with specific new and alternative jewelry making techniques
    • showing you all my jewelry-making process!
    • Sharing pictures of my jewelry collection
    • MAYBE a few more jewelry making tutorials :)
  • Trying out yoga and thaiboxing (yikes!)
  • Stimulating the creativity through simple every day exercises
    • 5-minute sketches a day
    • Avoiding unnecessary contact with my not-so smartphone 
    • Trying different reading methods and discovering what works for me
  • I hope to collaborate with some awesome bloggers more often and already have a few posts and projects up the sleeve :)
And much more. I hope to be documenting these different experiments that I'll be trying out in order for you all to get an insight into what it's like to try out these different things and what I hope to gain of experience from these things. And I hope you'll tag along too!

Do you have any fun ideas for self-experiments you think I should give a try? Do you think it's a completely far out idea? Are there any things you think I should do differently?

Let me know in the comments below!

Yours sincerely,
The Creative Muslimah

På dansk:
I takt emd mit ønske om at opgradere min simple hverdag som studerende,  spurgte jeg jo jer alle til råds om hvor jeg skulle hen med min blog. Jeg er helt fascineret over jeres venlige input og gode idéer, og jeg føler virkelig at tankerne har fået lov til at løbe frit rundt i sindet mit, og jeg glæder mig nu til at komme igang, inshaAllah. :-)

Har i nogle idéer/forslag/kommentarer til hvordan jeg skal fører mit projekt an?
Skriv gerne jeres guldkorn ned forneden; det ville glæde mig ufattelig meget. :-)

Med venlig hilsen,
The Creative Muslimah

Friday, January 31, 2014

NEED your help - What's to be of the future of this blog?

Salaams and peace everyone!

I am really in need of everyone's help here.
I'm going through a fase of changes in my life and as I'm developing through these fases, I've gotten a few ideas and I'm trying to make some decisions.

As I've recently attended my very last jewelry class EVER (and will from now on only make jewelry in my home studio) and have officially become a student of medicine (alhamdulillah), I'm starting to think that I need to freshen up this thingy-majig of mine.

Long story short: I'm thinking of completely changing the face and idea behind my blog.

See, I love being creative, that's for sure. I love baking, making jewelry, cooking, (occasionally) sewing, crocheting and all that funky stuff. But what's the point of having a blog with a bunch of tutorials, recipes and random blogposts without having a real mission behind it all?

Also, above all the things I love about being creative, there's one thing I love more; personal development. Self-experiments. Upgrading my life!
Have any of you ever wandered around with lots of thoughts and ambitions about yourself in 10, 20 or 30 years without actually planning for anything?

Well, I always wander around with these thoughts of who I want to become and I've always had these ideas for how I can become a better person by developing small habits, trying small self-experiments, doing new things and then documenting them to help others who want to try similar experiments.
For example, I've always wanted to see what it would be like to have a complete strict sleeping routine for a whole month. Or what it's like to make a habit of reading for 30 minutes every day.
Or learning how to be less attached to your social media and more interactive in your real daily life (for instance, turning off your phone for a week or making a habit of turning it off for a specific amount of hours every day!)

My question for all is... : Should I start a whole new blog (and leave this one as it is, for those who further wish to benefit from my current posts) or adjust my new ideas into this blog (by changing the name and adjusting some of the posts to make it relevant to what I'd like to share).

OR maybe I should just continue this blog and make a blog series on personal development and self-experiments? Maybe I could make it a longer project for, say, a few months, where I only blog about these topics and keep you updated on my latest projects, development and techniques...

Does this sound like a completely far out idea? Do you have any other suggestions for documenting my progress? Do you think it's even WORTH it or interesting?

PLEASE let me know what you think in the comments below, give the post a share on your social media and help me out; it'd be much appreciated!

Yours sincerely,
The Creative Muslimah

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

[Recipe] Nougat ganache ||| [Opskrift] Nougat ganache/creme


Assalamualeikum (peace) and hi there!

So last week I shared my recipe for delicious, delightful and tasteful macaroons with liquorice ganache, remember?

And remember how I wrote that I'd made some of the macaroons with nougat ganache too?
Well, here is the recipe!

På Dansk:
Assalamualeikum og hej derude!
Kan I huske mit indlæg fra sidste uge hvor jeg delte min opskrift på lækre, smagsfulde franske macaroons med lakrids ganache?
Jeg havde nemlig også lavet en nougat creme til selvsamme macaroons, og her er opskriften!


Nougat ganache:
- 100 g. good quality white or dark chocolate
- 500 mL whipped cream
- 120 g. soft brown nougat (I used Odense Blød Nougat)
(optional) ½ a sachet of vegetable gelatin powder 

Nougat ganache:
- 100 g. hvid eller mørk chokolade af god kvalitet
- 500 mL piskefløde
- 120 g. blød nougat (jeg brugte selv Ødense Blød Nougat, men der findes mange varianter)
- (Evt.) ½ pakke vegetabilsk gelatine pulver (Min er købt i ASDA food store i England)

To make the nougat ganache:
Til nougat ganachen:

1) Chop the chocolate and put it in a bowl.
Hak chokoladen og hæld det ned i en skål.

2) If you’d like a thicker consistency faster, add the gelatin powder to the whipped cream and bring it to a boil (or follow your specific manufacturer’s directions).
You can also just skip the powder and directly bring the cream to a boil.
Hvis du ønsker en tykkere konsistens på kortere tid, kan du tilsætte gelatine pulveret til fløden og bringe det i kog (eller følg de specifikke vejledninger for din gelatine pulver).
Ellers kan du bare springe gelatinen over og bare bring fløden i kog direkte.

3) Pour the boiling cream over the chocolate and mix, mix, mix till you reach an even consistency.
Hæld den kogende fløde over chokoladen og bland, bland, bland til din ganache har nået en uniform konsistens.

4) Slice the nougat into pieces, add it to the mixture and mix again.
Skær nougaten i små stykker, tilsæt den og bland igen.

5) Put the ganache in the fridge for at least an hour if you didn’t use the gelatin (best to leave it in overnight) or about ½-1 hour if you used the gelatin powder, but again, it’s best to leave it in for at least an hour and preferably more, as you’ll get a lovely thick texture.
You can use this ganache for macaroons like I did, for layercakes, ordinary cakes, as frosting,topping, cakecream; the options are endless!!
Sæt ganachen i køleskabet i mindst en time hvis du ikke har brugt gelatine pulver (det er bedst at lade den køle af natten over), eller 30-60 minutter hvis du har brugt gelatinen, men igen; det er bedst at lade den køle af så længe som muligt for at få den bedste, tykke, cremet konsistens.
Du kan bruge denne ganache til macaroons som jeg gjorde, til lagkager, sandkager, som glasur, fyld, kagecreme; den er så alsidig!!

EXTRA TIP: But since my macaroon baking, I also discovered that this ganache tastes like lovely nougat ice cream once frozen. ;-)
Let me see/hear in the comments below if you've tried the ganache, how it tasted and what you used it for!
EKSTRA TIP: Jeg har siden hen fundet ud af, at denne ganache smager som en fantastisk nougat is, hvis den fryses ned. ;-)
Lad mig se/høre i kommentarfeltet forneden om i har prøvet ganachen, hvordan den smager og hvad i brugte den til!

Here are my macaroons from last weeks post.

Yours sincerely,
The Creative Muslimah

Med venlig hilsen,
The Creative Muslimah

Thursday, January 16, 2014

[Recipe] Macaroons with Liquorice ganache ||| [Opskrift] Macaroons med lakrids ganache


 Salam (peace) you all!

You know, I believe making macaroons is a science in itself.

I love science.
So I also love making macaroons. J

Now, if you’ve followed my blog long enough, you’ll know that this recipe is my 4th and 5th attempt at making macaroons, the first attempt being this one and my second one here, which made me rather proud, as I’d gotten it right the first and second time, but unfortunately wasn’t third time lucky (the last attempt is not to be spoken of). 

The Nordic kitchen has so much potential and so much to offer, really. I love living in Denmark and getting to experience this wonderful culture up close. 

That being said, a major part of Danish culinary culture is liquorice. Not the sweet kind, mind you. The strong, sour-ish, fennel-y, burn-on-your-tongue, delicious kind, which is considered a lovely, chewy everyday treat here up North, even for kids! 
However, it’s the kind of thing that you either absolutely love or loathe because of its peculiar taste. 

I’m one of those who've practically devoted my life to all things liquorice, so when it was the most popular flavor of the year in Denmark last year (and more than likely to be very popular this year too), I couldn’t help but feel giddy inside! Especially raw liquorice powder by Johan Bülow has been raging in the stores, on blogs, in cookbooks and what not, so naturally, I was inspired by this lovely flavor.

So I’d been walking around for days with this wonderful imaginary taste on my palate; the taste of liquorice ganache. 
(Yes, I often imagine flavors before I even make them.)
Creamy, sweet and sour, practically a dance on my tongue! I just had no idea how to make it or where to use it, until I finally decided on making macaroons once again, as I was heading off to an annual gathering at the mosque for the Danish voluntary Muslim youth organization, MUNIDA. 

I wanted to try making macaroons using the Italian meringue technique, so I found another Danish blogger (yay!), Food on Demant, who has this lovely recipe for a big portion of macaroons using this technique, and these would be perfect for the gathering and great to pair with my mouthwatering imaginary liquorice ganache!

And so I tried…

And then I failed…

Failed macaroons, much?? They look like deformed mushrooms or something...

Long story short: the macaroons looked so beautiful as they were growing in the oven, but as the last few minutes came to pass, they became completely flat and hollow…

Isn’t it so typical that things go wrong when it REALLY counts?? 
So there were a lot of things I must have done wrong, and honestly, it was probably more of a combination of things I did wrong as I wanted to get them done a bit quickly (tip: never make macaroons in a rush!)

 But alhamdulillah, the ganaches (I made two, one with nougat and one with liquorice, but I'll only share the liquorice one today) turned out really good, so I decided to replicate the macaroon recipe the next day; but mind you, in a much smaller portion…

Here goes! You WILL need a candy thermometer for the Italian method to get it precise!

På Dansk:
Jeg har længe funderet over smagen af en lækker lakrids ganache/creme, især når nu rålakridspulver og alt med lakridssmag har været så populært sidste år og formentlig også i år!

Så her deler jeg en opskrift for de dejlige lækre og simple macaroons (ved brug af den italienske marengs metode, som er lidt bedre for begyndere) med en lække lakrids ganache!!


- 120 g almond meal (or 120 g. blanched almonds, grounded)
- 155 g confectioner’s sugar
- 120 g egg whites (I didn’t age mine but some people swear by it)
- 150 g sugar
- 50 water
(Optional) a little bit of gel food coloring 


- 120 g. mandelmel (eller 120 gram smuttede mandler, stødt)
- 155 g. flormelis
- 120 g. æggehvider (nogle sværger ved at lade dem stå i køleskabet i 18/24/48 timer, men det gjorde jeg ikke)- 150 g. sukker
- 50 g. vand
- (Evt.) En smule gelé/gel madfarve

Liquorice ganache:

- 100 grams of good quality white chocolate
- 500 mL of whipped cream
- 3-4 tbsp. raw liquorice powder* (depending on how strong a taste you’d like)
- (Optional) ½ a sachet of vegetable gelatin powder (I got mine from ASDA food store)
*Alternative for the Danes out there, I used a roll of the liquorice Lakrisal candies!

Lakrids ganache/creme:

- 100 g. hvid chokolade af god kvalitet
- 500 mL piskefløde
- (Evt.) ½ pakke vegetabilsk gelatine pulver (Min er købt i ASDA food store i England)
- 3-4 spsk. rålakridspulver (eller brug knuste Lakrisal tabletter, som jeg gjorde, hvis du ikke har rålakridspulver stående)

The lower black, red and white pack is the roll of liquorice tables that I crushed and grinded to make my own "homemade" liquorice powder. :P
The above packet is soft brown nougat, as I made a nougat filling too!

To make the macaroons:
For at lave macaroons:

1) Sift the almond meal and 120 g of confectioner's sugar together.
Sigt mandelmel og 120 g flormelis sammen i en skål

2) Whip 60 grams of eggwhites to stiff peaks. Remember, you should be able to hold the bowl over your head without the eggwhites falling on your head!
Pisk 60 gram æggehvide indtil de er stive. Husk at du skal kunne holde skålen over hovedet uden at æggehviderne falder ned i håret!

3) Add 35 grams of confectioner's sugar to the eggwhites and keep whipping. They'll become a little soft, shiny and marshmallow like.
Tilsæt 35 gram flormelis til æggehviderne og fortsæt med at pisk lidt. De bliver glansfulde og skumfidus/silkeagtige. 

4) Prepare the sugar syrup by boiling 150 g sugar and 50 g water in a pan with a thick bottom, put in a candy thermometer and stir once in a while.
Forbered siruppen ved at bringe 150 gram sukker og 50 gram vand i kog i en dyb tykbundet gryde og rør lidt rundt en gang i mellem, og sæt et termometer ned i. 

5) When the temperature of the sugar syrup has reached 118 degrees celcius, remove the syrup from the heat and slowly pour it into the egg whites in a steady and slow stream, whipping as you go, and gradually increase the speed of whipping once all the syrup is added, whipping it until the bowl again reaches room temperature.
Når temperaturen når de 118 grader celsius, tager du gryden af komfuret og hælder det lige så roligt ned i æggehvidemassen i en smal strøm, mens du igen pisker æggehviderne.

Når alt sirup er hældt ned, skruer du op for tempoet og pisker indtil skålen er nået stuetemperatur igen.

6) Afterwards, add the remaining 60 g of eggwhites to the dry almond/sugar mixture and keep mixing until it forms a thick paste. Here's where you'll add gel food coloring if you like. I added black, but mine turned out grey. :-)
Dernæst tilsætter du de resterende 60 g æggehvider til den tøre mandelmel/flormelis blanding og du blander det hele til en tyk pasta/masse. Her kan du tilsætte gel madfarven, hvis du ønsker det. Jeg tilsatte lidt sort farve, men mine blev grå. :-)

7) Add the now glossy meringue mixture to the thick almond/sugar paste and FOLD it with a spatula slowly until it becomes slightly more runny, but still quite thick, and it should drip slowly. It’s going to feel hard and endless, but hang in there. J
Nu tilføjer du den glansfulde marengsblanding til den tykke mandel/sukker pasta og rører i med let hånd med en spatula/(plastik paletkniv?) indtil massen bliver lidt mere flydende, men stadig ret tyk og det skal dryppe ned langsomt. Det kommer til at føle som en endeløs handling at røre rundt, men bare hold ud. :-)

Can you see the thick, flowy ribbon ?? That's what the consistency should be like, and it should drop slowly.

8) Pour the mixture into a piping bag. Pipe out small evenly sized circles on a tray with baking paper, tap the tray hardly a few times against the worktop to remove all air bubbles and let them rest for 15 minutes so they spread out a bit.
Hæld blandingen op i en sprøjtepose og sprøjt små, lige store cirkler på en bradepande med bagepapir, slå bradepanden ned mod køkkenbordet et par gange for at fjerne alle luftbobler og lad dem stå i ca. 15 minutter, så de kan sprede lidt ud.

There's also space for creativity during the piping process. :-)

9) Bake the macaroons in the oven at 160 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes and let them cool. They should easily slip off the baking sheet without getting stuck. After they are cooled, pair them up with an equally sized buddy!
Now to make the ganache filling! 
Bag dine macaroons ved 160 grader celsius i 15 minutter og lad dem køle ned. De skal nemt kunne tages af bagepapiret uden at sidde fast. Efter de er nedkølet, så saml dem to og to!

Og nu til ganachen/cremen/fyldet!

To make the liquorice ganache:
Til lakrids ganachen:

Chop the chocolate and put it in a bowl.
Hak chokoladen og hæld det ned i en skål.

If you’d like a thicker consistency faster, add the gelatin powder to the whipped cream and bring it to a boil (or follow your specific manufacturer’s directions).
You can also just skip the powder and directly bring the cream to a boil.
Hvis du ønsker en tykkere konsistens på kortere tid, kan du tilsætte gelatine pulveret til fløden og bringe det i kog (eller følg de specifikke vejledninger for din gelatine pulver).
Ellers kan du bare springe gelatinen over og bare bring fløden i kog direkte.

Pour the boiling cream over the chocolate and mix, mix, mix till you reach an even consistency.
-)Hæld den kogende fløde over chokoladen og bland, bland, bland til din ganache har nået en uniform konsistens.

Grind the liquorice tablets, add the liquorice powder and mix again.
Knus lakrisal tabletterne til pulver (eller hvis du har lakridspuler liggende, så brug det) og tilsæt pulveret til ganachen og bland igen.

Typical me, I used the tiny pistel and morter we had at home before realizing we have a mini food processer... -.-'

Put the ganache in the fridge for at least an hour if you didn’t use the gelatin (best to leave it in overnight) or about ½-1 hour if you used the gelatin powder, but again, it’s best to leave it in for at least an hour and preferably more, as you’ll get a lovely thick texture.

Pour a bit of the ganache on one shell (you could do it with a piping bag or spoon) and top it with the other macaroon, then eat right away or after they've been refrigerated :)
Sæt ganachen i køleskabet i mindst en time hvis du ikke har brugt gelatine pulver (det er bedst at lade den køle af natten over), eller 30-60 minutter hvis du har brugt gelatinen, men igen; det er bedst at lade den køle af så længe som muligt for at få den bedste, tykke, cremet konsistens.

Hæld noget af cremen på den ene macaroon (Evt. med sprøjtepose) og sæt den anden på, og spis dem med de samme eller nedkølet :)

EXTRA TIP: But since my macaroon baking, I also discovered that this ganache tastes like lovely liquorice ice cream once frozen. ;-)
Let me see/hear in the comments below how yours have turned out and if you've tried the ganache, how it tasted!
EKSTRA TIP: Jeg har siden hen fundet ud af, at denne ganache smager som en fantastisk lakrids is, hvis den fryses ned. ;-)
Lad mig se/høre i kommentarfeltet forneden hvordan jeres er blevet, og om i har prøvet ganachen og hvordan den smager!

Yours sincerely,

The Creative Muslimah

Med venlig hilsen,

The Creative Muslimah

Thursday, January 2, 2014

[Reflections] Going OFF the LINE

Salams and peace, all.

I have to get it out there. I am sick of Facebook.
And Twitter. And Instagram. And Pinterest. And all the other social medias out there that  are making me waste my time COMPLETELY and UTTERLY.
I'm really very tired of the feeling of constantly having to be online. I want to get OFF the redundant and never ending line because I want to ENJOY my life and VALUE my life. And I just don't feel that I'm able to do this with all the constant social medias and the pressure of having to know everything everywhere, all the time.

To portray my seriousness regarding this subject, I have made a list of reasons for why I want to get away from all these social medias, in no specific order:

  1. I don't want to wake up every morning feeling the need to be glued to my mobile screen, checking up on what all my friends are doing on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  2. I'm annoyed by the HUGE amount of actually useful or interesting information out there that I simply have to filter or ignore, and therefore not draw benefit from, because of it being in a bunch of lots of other things that I cannot take seriously.
  3. I need my life back.
  4. I admit with all honesty that I can feel jealous when I'm on Facebook or Instagram. I'm human ergo I make mistakes and I have feelings. When I see others portraying their lives as perfect by sharing the  perfect picture of a perfect breakfast or a perfect family or a perfect baby or a perfect outfit or a perfect bubble tea and the like.
    It makes me feel that I should do the same thing because why don't I have the right to share perfect pictures of  my perfect life even though I know it is far from that and that in reality, I wouldn't want it any other way?
  5. I want to feel the pleasure of not knowing everything about everyone all the time so that I actually have something to talk about when I meet my friends and it doesn't have to start out with "So, I saw what you posted on Facebook last night..."
  6. I don't want to walk around with the feeling of wanting to share nonsensical and unimportant details of my life all the time with people who, in reality, couldn't care less, and feeling the so called satisfaction of getting "likes" on pictures or updates...!! Enough!!

Seriously. It means that I am going to delete me account on Facebook and Instagram (Pinterest might come too, soon), so that I can focus solely on this blog and my jewelry making and doing what I love to do the most instead of feeling the pressure of having to share that with the whole wide world all the time.

When I was out of the country on a journey for a month last year, I had a very limited acces to the internet and as a result of that, I hardly touched my phone, let alone Facebook. And it felt so GOOD. It felt refreshing. It felt freeing to be away from the shackles of social media!!!

I must admit, there have been a lot of things, projects, articles and much more that I wouldn't have known about if it wasn't for me having an account on social media. There are a lot of people I wouldn't have been able to stay in touch with. There are so many things I have learnt from being online.
But I feel that the drawbacks are greater in my eyes than the benefits, and so at least for a while, I'm going OFF the LINE. Yes, I'm going offline.

Not from this blog, though. I'll hopefully have more time to be here and write and share and do what I love to do the most; smile and enjoy the small things in life. :-)

What do you guys think of my descision? Are you wandering around with the same thoughts? Have you tried it before only to come back to Zuckerberg's social universe?

Until next time!

Yours sincerely,
The Creative Muslimah

På dansk:
Jeg er nået det punkt hvor jeg virkelig er blevet træt af sociale medier. Jeg har brug for en pause og har derfor tænkt mig at komme væk fra Facebook og Instagram. Jeg regner med at det bliver permanent, men jeg starter ud med at holde en pause fra det hele. Hvor længe det varer, ved jeg ikke, men jeg kommer i hvert fald ikke til at opdatere noget sociale medie i et stykke tid (udover denne blog, selvfølgelig!).
Jeg er virkelig træt af at jeg frarøver min egen tid fra mig selv ved konstant at være online og føle trangen til at vide alt om alle hele tiden! Kender I den følelse?

Saturday, December 14, 2013

/ / GIVEAWAY - CLOSED / / Win my sterling silver DELICATE SPINE ring

DELICATE SPINE: Available here

Salam and peace!

I'm hosting a giveaway of my handmade DELICATE SPINE ring in sterling silver over on my Facebook page in joy of reaching 300 likes! Thank you all for your lovely support, kind and constructive comments and warming messages. :-) I couldn't be here without any of you, alhamdulillah!

Join in on the fun by heading over on the page! :-)
The giveaway ends on the 20/12/13 inshaAllah.

If you don't have facebook, you can join in on the giveaway on Instagram over at @joulesbytcm
BUT, if you have neither facebook nor instagram, or just can't wait and want to own this ring, head on over to my etsy store :-)

Yours sincerely,
The Creative Muslimah

På Dansk:
Så  holder jeg min første giveaway! Jeg har rundet de 300 likes på min FB side, så denne håndlavet sterling sølv DELICATE SPINE ring, som jeg selv har lavet, er på højkant. :-)
Kig forbi min facebook side eller instagram (@joulesbytcm) for at være med i giveaway'en!
Den slutter d. 20/12/13

Hvis du ikke kan vente til at finde ud af om du har vundet eller ej, kan du blive ejeren af ringen før alle andre ved at købe den på min online butik :-)

God fornøjelse!

Friday, December 13, 2013

[Recipe] Oreo Cheesecake and my childish soul || [Opskrift] Oreo Cheesecake og min barnlige sjæl

I love cheesecakes.

Seriously, I really love them!
And when I saw Nazia’s list of 25+ best cheesecakes to make and we were having guests over the following weekend, the puzzle of what to make for dessert sort of solved itself.
I’ve always wanted to make an Oreo Cheesecake, so here was my chance! Shouldn’t everyone try to make an Oreo cheesecake once in their lifetime? I’d say so. At least once.

A quick search gave me this recipe to follow, but as I’d already bought the ingredients I thought I needed, I had to adjust the recipe a bit. And it still turned out wonderful, Alhamdulillah!
SO here’s how I made it and how you can make your own too. J

·         3 rolls of Oreos, about 42 cookies all together (I suppose you could use any type of chocolate cookies too, but Oreos are too good to replace with something else in my opinion. J)
·         2-3 digestive cookies
·         1/3 cup butter, melted

·         2 packages (about 220 g each) of natural cream cheese, softened (I used Philadelphia Natural Cream Cheese)
·         3/4 cup sugar
·         1½ cup sour cream
·         1 tsp. vanilla sugar
·         4 eggs

·         250 mL whipped cream
·         4 tbsp. sugar

1.       Heat oven to 175 degrees Celsius (about 350 degrees Fahrenheit)
2.       Take 1½ packages of oreos and crush them finely along with the 2-3 digestive cookies. Coarsley chop ½ package of cookies and set aside.
3.       Mix the cookie crumbs with melted butter and press it into a round cake pan lined with baking paper. I has quite a big pan and therefore only pressed it into the bottom of the pan, but if you’ve got a smaller pan, then press it up the sides too! It makes for a delicious crust. J
4.       Bake the crust for about 10 minutes

5.       In the meantime, beat cream cheese and sugar until blended. Add sour cream and vanilla sugar, and mix well. Add 1 egg at a time and beat at a low speed until just blended.  Add the chopped cookies and mix with a spatula.
6.       Take out the crust and pour the mixture into crust and tap it a little against the worktop to eliminate air bubbles (I forgot to do this)
7.       Bake for about 55 minutes or until the center is almost set. Run a knife around the rim of the pan to loosen the cake, and let it cool.
8.       Refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight.

1.       Whip the whole carton of whipped cream along with 4 tbsp. of sugar until the whipped cream has a creamy but firm texture. The cream should be able to make soft peaks that stay put. It shouldn’t be able to fall of a spatula, but don’t whip it further as it will curdle and become too hard, resulting in a whipped cream that can’t really set any designs.
2.       Slice the cookies from the last package in half and set aside.
3.       Pipe on a design on the cake with the whipped cream (or spread it all over, your choice), and place the half-cookies on the cake as you please!
4.       Refrigerate for a little while longer and then enjoy!

Now, I've got to tell you all something really stupid that happened whilst making this cake.

It took me no more than 5 minutes to make the topping. I pulled out my piping bag and favorite simple star tip
and started decorating the cake so that it looked exactly how I wanted it to. There was quite a bit left over.
I had also made a batch of banana muffins which turned out a bit dry, so I decided to fill them each with the
icing, piping small blobs into each muffin after having cut their tops off, and then placing the tops on again.
And yet, there was still a bit left over.
Usually, if there are any leftovers, I'll put them in the fridge or freezer to use them some other time.
But sometimes you end up with such a ridiculously little amount that you can't exactly reuse it, it'd still be a shame
to throw out, but it's not exactly something you can eat up on the spot and finish.

And yet, whilst staring at the bowl with the topping and the piping bag still filled with the whipped cream and
sugar, I did the one thing every kid must have dreamed of at some point while watching mom decorate a cake.

I put the tip to my mouth and squeezed it all in.
Yes, that's right. I filled  my mouth with sugary whipped cream.
And guess whose stomach started hurting for the rest of the day...

Though it's not something I'm proud of, I felt the urge to tell you all in order for you to realize that I'm human and
I do silly things, just like any other blogger out there! I'm greatly inspired by Nazia because she's so down to
earth and not afraid to let her readers know that she makes mistakes and that just because you're a blogger, not
everything you make or bake turns out perfectly, or resulting in picture-perfect, perfectly exposed, delicious and
mouthwatering photos and a "foolproof" recipe for that matter (to say the least).

Trust me when I say that we make lots of mistakes. :-) 
So you out there, don't worry! Learn from your mistakes by embracing them and coming out stronger, however
big or small they may be. They are a part of you and you are a part of them. Isn't that how you shape a
personality that will leave a legacy?

I was planning on showing you guys a time lapse of this cake in the making. As my video editor is working
a bit slowly, the video will have to wait for another post. So stay tuned. :-)

Yours sincerely,
The Creative Muslimah

På Dansk:
Det er første gang at jeg prøvede at lave en Oreo Cheesecake og tredje gang at jeg overhovedet har lavet en cheesecake. Den var succesfuld, alhamdulillah, så her har jeg delt min opskrift, som jeg har justeret herfra.
Den er lækker og simpel, men nok ikke en kage som man kan spise for mange stykker af på én gang.
Jeg håber, at I nyder den. :-) 

Jeg gjorde også noget virkelig dumt under kagebagningen. Da jeg skulle bruge "glasuren", som bestod af flødeskum og en smule sukker, endte jeg med at have en del tilovers. Jeg havde også bagt nogle banan muffins som var blevet lidt tørre, så jeg tænkte at jeg ville bruge glasuren til at fylde mine tørre muffins med.
Men der var stadig en del tilovers! Og det var så åndsvag en mængde, som var lille til at fryse og bruge til noget andet, for stor til bare at smide ud, og også for meget til at spise med det samme.

Troede jeg da, i hvert fald...
Jeg gjorde den ene ting som jeg nok tror at ethvert barn har drømt om, når de har set mor dekorere en fin kage.
Jeg tog min sprøjtepose med indholdet, vendte snuden mod mig selv og fyldte min mund med dejligt, sødt og cremet flødeskum.
Og gæt lige en gang hvem der havde mavepine resten af dagen...

Det er ikke noget jeg er stolt af, men det viser jer, at ingen er perfekte. Blot fordi man er blogger er det ikke ens betydende med, at man får det rigtigt hver gang. Det er snarere undtagelsen end reglen, at man får en rigtig god opskrift med perfekte billeder, så husk bare at være dig selv!
Og som jeg altid siger; barnlige sjæle har det sjovest. :-)

Det er det mest kreative, ville jeg mene. :-)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

11 things I learnt at my first real craft fair - part 2

Salam and peace!

So, as to continue from where I left off in my last post, here are the last 6 tips I learnt at my first real craft fair which I wanted to share with you all, in case any of you have been wondering what it's like and what to keep in mind :-)

I was able to participate in my very first craft fair last saturday with my science-inspired handmade jewelry brand, Joules By TCM, and here's what I learned:

This one is really important and saves a lot of hustle and mess when you’re at the fair.
Have everything ready LATEST the night before your big day and make sure to practice your setup. Sometimes we have these ideas in our heads that we think will work perfectly, but when we finally execute them in real life, it just doesn’t turn out how we imagined. If we’re prepared beforehand, we can see what works and what doesn’t. Set it up before (and spend a lot of time on this one; it’s like you’re opening a mini store!), and ask other people’s opinion. Once you’re satisfied, take a picture and have it ready for your fair.
I have to admit that I was actually quite exhausted from doing this, as I realized it’s a bigger task than I had imagined. You wouldn’t want this feeling before the doors open up, right?

It’s always great to be prepared and think of what others may pose of potential questions. If you have a good and crisp answer ready, you’ll seem much more professional and passionate. If you end up chewing on your words and getting confused about what you actually want to do with your products, your potential customers will get even more confused!
I had to learn this the hard way, unfortunately. I didn’t think much about this before the day of the fair. It wasn’t until the day when I was asked a bunch of questions about my designs and my brand that I realized I should have thought of some good answers beforehand. It wasn’t that I didn’t know what to say, it was just that I didn’t think of how to say it, which is crucial!

3.       DON’T MUMBLE!!!
I’m a serious mumbler, and it’s really bad. Even though I made sure to sign up for exam-anxiety classes, I took a whole year of Rhetorics in college and practiced tons of presentations, I’ve still got a serious problem with speaking too low and mumbling.
Unfortunately, I was confronted with this during the craft fair! I found that people kept bending over to ask “what did you say?” again and again! There’ll usually be lots of noise, hustle and bustle and maybe some background music at fairs and markets, so make sure to warm up your voice and speak in a little louder voice than you’re used to (of course, you have to relate this to your own situation; don’t scream loudly if it’s a quite exhibition.
My friend (who was standing right beside me and could hardly hear me) told me that she’d nudge me lightly next time I mumbled, which was luckily a bit more effective.

This is something which can be hard to think of if you’re really busy selling. But notice what things people seem most interested in; it may be your signature product!
For instance, my friend and I noticed that the one jewelry item that people were mostly picking up, trying on and complimenting was my tiny house ring, simply because it was so alternative and creative! As this was my first fair, there were some of the jewelry items that I only made a model of, and offered that I’d make them to order if someone was interested. I did that because I simply didn’t know what people would be mostly interested in, so I brought my entire inventory (read next tip) and thought I’d see what was most popular. Now I’ll know that I’ve to make a few more of the tiny house rings next time I’m at a craft fair.

Once again, I learnt that I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was for this craft fair. Though I have a brand and an idea, I came to realize that my stall ended up looking quite messy because I’d brought my entire inventory thinking that any piece could be exactly what someone was looking for.
What I failed to realize was that if I wanted to be a brand selling science-inspired jewelry, there was no point in bringing the small dangling bead earrings I’d made as a tiny side project.
It didn’t fit into the whole idea of my brand, and it made me evaluate on what I actually wanted to sell and how I wanted to market my brand.
Think about the fee selective pieces you want to be known for and bring those to the craft fair, not just anything handmade you’ve got and want to sell in order to earn some money.

In the end, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself and have fun. Though this is the most obvious thing, it’s also one of the most neglected tips and hardest to remember.
But it really helps the customers to see that you’re happy standing where you are and showing what you love to do. Make mistakes and learn from them. Learn from my mistakes and make a few of your own! If I hadn’t learned from my mistakes, I wouldn’t be writing this post right now having reevaluated my whole business plan and brand idea.
It’s an opportunity to learn; learn about yourself, your ideas, your concepts and your vision. How else will you become better if you don’t enjoy your moments and learn from your mistakes?

And last but not least, here’s a little funny tip I heard one of the stand holders sharing. She was at another sale standing next to another man selling some of his unique products and they ended up talking about how to get sales and what their strategies were. He said that their strategy was very simple; show up at the sale hungry and without fuel for your car. That way, if you want to buy some food and come home, you’re going to have to make some sale. ;-)
Though I wouldn’t recommend this strategy, it’s funny to ponder on.

What have YOU experienced at a recent craft fair or any fair for that matter? As a customer or a seller?
Did you have any good experiences with a certain trick or strategy? Did you meet a customer or a seller who was so obnoxious or who was really good at selling?
Share your tips and tricks below, I’d love to hear from you!

Yours sincerely,
The Creative Muslimah


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